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Faux Effects

Fantasy Finishes, New York Residential and Commercial Painting

With over 42 years of decorative finishing experience, Faux Effects continues to set the industry standard for faux finishes and decorative painting. As the manufacturer of the internationally acclaimed professional finishing products, Faux Effects has established itself as the industry leader with a reputation for unsurpassed quality and expertise in the field of high end decorative and designer finishes.

Established in 1989, Faux Effects is a privately-owned and operated corporation dedicated solely to the development and manufacture of environmentally friendly, high quality, faux and decorative finishing products. Unlike the competition, Faux Effects is based on a unique triad of invention, production and artisan training. This distinctive combination of distributorship and training facility, in addition to online Internet ordering and technical assistance, allows creative individuals easy access to materials and education.

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Fantasy Finishes, New York Residential and Commercial Painting

LusterStone is a low luster metallic plaster. Easily applied by trowel, LusterStone is unsurpassed in its dimensional, beautiful decorative results. The very act of application does the decorative work for you, forming soft metallic plaster high and low effects and reflective patterns. No burnishing is required! LusterStone metallic plasters are available in many stunning metallic designer colors. You and your walls will love the handsome look of LusterStone! LusterStone is the professional choice for quality and beautiful results. Ask for LusterStone on your next decorative finishing project and see for yourself why so many professional decorators and finishers are raving about this product.


Fantasy Finishes, New York Residential and Commercial Painting

MetalGlow, a shimmering metallic paint designed for spray on applications may also be carefully rolled or brushed on. Apply MetalGlow to walls, furniture and accessories to create a stylish, one-of-a-kind, quality, smooth and shimmering appearance. Easy to use, MetalGlow produces a smooth, luminous surface that sparkles and glows when bathed in light.

Venetian Gem

Fantasy Finishes, New York Residential and Commercial Painting

Venetian Gem is an acrylic and marble dust based plaster developed to produce high quality multi-sheen and multi-colored decorative finishes. This easy to trowel on material provides durable wear, high hide and chemical resistance and may be burnished to bring out deep color soft sheens. Venetian Gem may be tinted with FauxCreme Color. Venetian Gem is good for both interior and exterior applications, but in some extreme weather and sun conditions should be topcoated with UV AquaThane.