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All interior painters are not the same. Fantasy Finishes offers the finest quality painting service on Long Island. We use only the best materials, including "green materials" currently available. At Fantasy Finishes, we take great pride in the end result. We achieve these results by: 1) creating the proper expectations for your pricing and schedules, 2) beginning the work when we promised, and 3) having respect for your home, by properly preparing the work areas.

  • FantasyFinishes-showcase-09 Old Brookville Faux Painter
  • FantasyFinishes-showcase-10 Old Westbury Faux Painter
  • FantasyFinishes-showcase-11 Plandome Faux Painter
  • FantasyFinishes-showcase-12 Plandome Manor Faux Painter
  • FantasyFinishes-showcase-13 Port Jefferson Faux Painter
  • FantasyFinishes-showcase-14 Port Washington Faux Painter
  • FantasyFinishes-showcase-15 Roslyn Faux Painter
  • FantasyFinishes-showcase-16 Roslyn Estates Faux Painter
  • FantasyFinishes-showcase-17 Roslyn Harbor Faux Painter
  • FantasyFinishes-showcase-18 Roslyn Heights Faux Painter
  • FantasyFinishes-showcase-19 Sea Cliff Faux Painter
  • FantasyFinishes-showcase-20 Saddle Rock Faux Painter
  • FantasyFinishes-showcase-21 Sands Point Faux Painter
  • FantasyFinishes-showcase-22 Syosset Faux Painter
  • FantasyFinishes-showcase-23 Thomaston Faux Painter
  • FantasyFinishes-showcase-24 Upper Brookville Faux Painter
  • FantasyFinishes-showcase-25 Woodbury Faux Painter
  • FantasyFinishes-showcase-26 Commack Faux Painter
  • FantasyFinishes-showcase-27 Commack Faux Painter
  • FantasyFinishes-showcase-28 Commack Faux Painter
  • FantasyFinishes-showcase-29
  • FantasyFinishes-showcase-30
  • FantasyFinishes-showcase-31
  • FantasyFinishes-showcase-32
  • FantasyFinishes-showcase-33
  • FantasyFinishes-showcase-34
  • FantasyFinishes-showcase-35
  • FantasyFinishes-showcase-36
  • FantasyFinishes-showcase-37
  • FantasyFinishes-showcase-40
  • FantasyFinishes-showcase-41
  • FantasyFinishes-showcase-42
  • FantasyFinishes-showcase-43
  • FantasyFinishes-showcase-44
  • FantasyFinishes-showcase-45
  • FantasyFinishes-showcase-46
  • FantasyFinishes-showcase-47
  • FantasyFinishes-showcase-48
  • FantasyFinishes-showcase-49
  • FantasyFinishes-showcase-50
  • FantasyFinishes-showcase-51
  • FantasyFinishes-showcase-52

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