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Restore Your Front Door New York
Restore Your Front Door New York

Fantasy Finishes takes great pride in identifying and evaluating the hottest and trendiest new Faux Finish  products. In addition to metallic glazes within wall finishes, metallic enhancements are widely used within casing or millwork. Metallics can be used to enhance the raised properties and features of molding, by adding shadowing creams to deepen the recesses. Creating depth increases the natural dimension of a space from any view point.

Chalk Paint

Fantasy Finishes of New York

Now a global phenomenon, Annie Sloan first developed the Chalk Paint range in 1990 to answer the need she had for a versatile paint that would work beautifully on furniture without priming or sanding; that would be easy to use and quick to dry; and that could be used for a number of different paint techniques. She called it Chalk Paint® because of its velvety, ultra matt finish. Please note that colours will vary depending on screen settings.

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Fantasy Finishes of New York

LusterSuede™ is a revolutionary, new architectural coating that produces beautiful reflective suede-like patterns. This product is unsurpassed in its ease of application and repair, simplicity and versatility. The nature of the material, allows it to be used to create a stunning variety of high/low dimensional finishes that do not requiring burnishing for a designer quality effect.

Following a primer coat, it can be applied using a ¼” sponge/nap roller in an even smooth coat - moving the roller in a random pattern. Before dry, pounce the finish with a large pouncing brush to eliminate brush line. Apply a second coat by brush and immediately pounce the material applied.


Fantasy Finishes of New York
Custom Color Matching

Using FirenzeColor, we can Custom Color Match almost any paint or color. We use the latest color charts from BM, Pratt & Lambert, Sherwin Williams, Behr Venetian Plasters, Martin Senour, Pantone, Duron, and Colortrend Ambiance. Just send us a color swatch, fabric, picture, or sample.

Venetian Plasters and Decorative Finishes

We offer the entire FirenzeColor product line, including:

  • Twelve different Lime-Based Plasters
  • Metallic Wall Finishes and Waxes
  • Lime Paint
  • Exterior Plasters

We carry a primer that is designed for use with Venetian Plasters. It is very affordable, and has excellent bonding powers. And we have a special sealer called aquadivietro that is used with exterior plasters.


Fantasy Finishes of New York

SandStone is a decorating material designed to be applied over most all old painted surfaces or new drywall. The end result is a "sandy" texture that can be scraped or sanded to bring out the embedded textures hidden within.

Sandstone can be tinted with all Faux Effects product colors and commercially available colorants for water based paint materials. Sandstone is an excellent base for color glazing or Venetian Plaster finishes.

Sandstone may be applied by brush, roll, or spray with a large spray fluid cap of at least 100 thousandths diameter. This may be thinned up to 30% with tap water for spray applications. Sandstone has good durability and may be used on both interior or exterior surfaces.

Lime and Silicate Stucco

Fantasy Finishes of New York
Stucco & Aggregates Textures

Suitable for both the interior and exterior, products such as intonaco, intonachino, and stucco rustico are granular products that resemble the stucco you might find on the exterior of a building or home. What is unique about these traditional materials is their finishing flexibilty and character. Whether compacting the granular surface into a smooth and even polished surface, or creating an aged surface by pulling back product or creating peaks, aggregates are as realistic as it gets. Some even consider these products as liquid stone.

Faux Glazes

Atova has recenlty re-thought it's faux finishing mentality. We've created 3 main categories for our glaze. Within these 3 categories, you'll find all your faux finishing needs. Mineral faux glazes, acrylic faux glazes, and designer faux paints make up these three groups. When searching for a solution for adding the finishing touches or for colorwashing texture, Atova clearly describes what glazes react best with various textures such as Venetian Plaster, Marmorino, aggregates, and Intonachino. For acrylic based systems, Atova assigns glazes suitable for such applications, and others glazes for mineral based systems.

Intonaco Finishes and Fffects

Intonaco is a trowel applied stucco that is extremely permeable and hard. Finishes such as Travertine Tile, IntonacoIslands, IntonacoOro, and La Gromola use either a lime Intonachino or Silicate Intonaco as a base for their texture and strength. The Atova Decorative Finishing Studio has prepared precise information and tutorials that describe each and every step needed to create all sorts of stucco aggregate textures effects.


Fantasy Finishes of New York

SofTex is an easy to use soft textured product used to create a variety of cloth or fabric finishes. This unique material produces finishes with not only the look of fabric, but the feel as well!

SofTex has excellent bonding characteristics over old paint and will even smooth out nail holes, rough corners, and minor cracking on old walls.


Fantasy Finishes of New York

Imagine a material that glides across virtually any substrate with dramatic high gloss effects! StucoLux™, a light weight, buttery smooth, fast-drying, high sheen, mineral-based plaster available in a variety of Pre-tinted colors.

StucoLux™ has very good interior and exterior durability and provides beautiful undulations of color depth in the final finish. Sold in quarts, gallons, and 5 gallon buckets.

Fast and easy! Heavy traditional plasters, step aside!

Venetian Plaster

Fantasy Finishes of New York

So what is Venetian Plaster? These days, Venetian Plaster can refer to many of different products, formulas, and effects. Atova Venetian Plasters are typically considered as Acrylic/Organic based products that produce polished encaustic, trowel, or spatula effects. End user products such as Stucco Veneziano, Stucco Specchio and even light acrylic textures such as Muro Antico can all produce such effects.

With so many Venetian plasters on today's market to choose from, as well as alternate methods of application, you may find yourself asking what makes our plasters so different? Perhaps you'll find there isn't much of a difference, or perhaps the difference is in the way it's applied. Maybe the difference is in the support, information, and color tinting capability of our products. Our job is to help you decide. We believe our formula stands out from the vast majority. We also realize, that there are many ways of applying Venetian plaster and have tested many of such methods out on our products. We've put to the test the many varieties available today.

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