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We are precision applicators of fine finishes to entry doors and columns, garage doors, cabinetry, walls and furniture. We have created a UV resistant glaze to mimic woodgrains for failed fiberglass gel stains. With 20 years plus in the business servicing home owners and contractors, allow us help you decide which finish and color will give you the greatest appeal without the disruption and cost of installing a new product.

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Restore Your Front Door New York
Restore Your Front Door New York
Restore Your Front Door New York

An Impeccable Entryway

Fantasy Finishes Long Island

Entryway Inspiration

Restore Your Front Door

Restoring your front door can be fun! Yes, we actually said that. We're confident that we have restoration alternatives to save you the dreaded trip to the home improvement store, where you will wander aisles searching for an expert — only to find a limited selection of pre-hung doors. You'll end up spending far more than you'll spend on a restoration, and it will likely take weeks before you receive your door.

We offer a limitless selection of refinishing and door glass options. Your choices can be added to your existing door at a fraction of the cost of a new door. Browse through our Front Door Inspiration Gallery to see if any of these amazing transformations spur visions of a new, grand entry for your home. Historically, fiberglass doors have been a refinishing challenge. Not any longer! We have the skills to provide the restoration of full value to these unique and beautiful products.

Are you experiencing wind noise or drafty doors? Have noticed you are losing heat near the entryway of your home? We can help. All of our draft-reduction and energy-saving products are installed quickly — call now to schedule an appointment.

Security issues with lock-sets and handle sets can either be repaired or replaced. Call Restore Your Front Door. We are a "Factory Service Provider" for Royal Windows and Doors and Therma Tru Fiberglass Doors. We are also service providers for WindowRama.

Restore Your Front Door has parts and finishes for:

    • Royal Doors
    • ThermaTru Doors
    • Andersen Doors and Windows
    • Pella Doors
    • Reeb Doors
    • Simpson Doors

Restore Your Front Door features parts and locksets by:

    • Emtek
    • Schlage
    • Baldwin

proprietary formula

our proprietary formula provides UV-resistant decorative graining (unlike gel stain).

the beauty and elegance of natural wood

Fantasy Finishes is truly a custom shop, and we take great pride in crafting the entryway you desire. We are equally proud of our design and installation teams. When you have a true passion for working with your hands, refinishing front doors can be a beautiful thing.

This category of our work is challenging and rewarding. Restoring custom-made exterior wood doors is a complex operation. It’s not complicated, but it can be time-consuming to manage. We’ve learned that the best approach is to coordinate times when the homeowner can be home, because the door will need to stay ajar while it dries and cures.

experience and craftsmanship...

our ideas make for compelling designs
Fantasy Finishes Long Island
A black front door not only looks stunning, but it can increase the value of your home by 2.9%. Cha-Ching!
Source: Zillow 2020 Paint Color Analysis

The years and the elements haven't been kind to your door. Flakes of varnish or paint cling to the wood in spots, while the rest of the surface is rough, scuffed and dried out from the effects of water and sun.

Wood entry doors everywhere suffer from the same assaults, and many end up in the trash, replaced by low-maintenance, mass-produced metal and fiberglass surrogates. But we suggest you consider restoring your door to the glory it displayed when new. Hardware can be updated during this process.

Entry doors must be tough enough to withstand wind, rain, scorching sun, and would-be intruders, yet handsome enough to make a good first impression. Unfortunately, meeting those needs is a tall order for many front doors. Most older ones are made of wood or wood veneer, both of which warp, crack, and delaminate after years of exposure to the elements. Metal doors don't last forever, either—the surface on some older steel doors can peel.

Whether that describes your front door, or you just want to trade a solid door for one with glass panels that offer more light, you'll find plenty of options available when you contact us. There are new wood doors that resist the elements better than older versions, as well as metal and fiberglass doors that look like wood but provide greater security and often cost less than a new solid wood door.

benjamin moore

front door color ideas and inspiration
Benjamin Moore

give your front door a splash of color

extend a gracious welcome
The Case for Contrast

Most exterior paint colors and varnishes lean toward neutral shades, so a colorful front door is a chance to express your personal style through a central exterior architectural feature. Adding a statement color to the front door is also an easy way to uplift the façade of a home while, complementing the architecture and surrounding landscape.

A Warm Welcome

Hot shots of red, yellow or orange are naturally warm and exuberant. Vivid accent colors make a strong design statement but mix surprisingly well with most other shades, especially the neutrals most often used as the primary color of a house.

Keeping it Cool

Green, gray and blue doors are a naturally gracious expression for the entrance to your home, especially when they contrast with a house’s warm undertones.

Ideas for Harmony

Take your color cues from inside the house to pick a paint or varnish color you’ll love. Think about the colors of the space your door will open into. Pull a strong accent color from those spaces for color continuity or choose a more saturated shade of a primary interior color.

The best installers recommend updates to maintain and grow your greatest investment. Call us in to see how to Bring...

Posted by Restore your Front Door on Thursday, January 16, 2020
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and finally... varnishes

enhance the natural beauty of wood

We recommend oil-based outdoor varnishes in most situations, especially when your door will be exposed to the elements. These varnishes involve a couple of extra steps, but they are substantially more durable — in case Mother Nature gets riled up. We select varnishes known for their exceptional fade resistance.

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